What's in Bug Club?

Everything you need to inspire a generation of readers from Reception to KS2

Matched to the 2014 primary curriculum, Bug Club contains 423 finely-levelled fiction and non-fiction books and eBooks, including comics, and plays from Julia Donaldson.



Books children would choose themselves

A brilliant reading programme only works if it’s filled with truly fantastic books, which is why a tour of Bug Club is like a tour around a child’s favourite book shop. What makes Bug Club so special is the fact that it’s filled with books that children would choose themselves. 

Bug Club is where Shrek rubs shoulders with Doctor Who, Sarah and Duck sit side by side with Timmy Time and Batman shares a shelf with Wallace and Gromit.



A brilliant online reading world

Bug Club’s online reading world really makes Bug Club stand out from other reading programmes. Road-tested by children, for children, the online reading world is home to all of the Bug Club eBooks, fun quizzes, games, and fantastic rewards that today’s computer-savvy children simply love.



Everything you need to plan, allocate and assess in one place

As well as a fantastic online reading world for children, Bug Club also contains a clever online toolkit for teachers that contains a giant repository of all the eBooks and activities, as well as new integrated ‘Progress and Assess’ tools and resources. See how assessment is woven into Bug Club here...


Professional Development

We offer all subscribers a range of Professional Development courses to develop your confidence, explain the essentials and help your school make the most of your resources. Find out more about the Professional Development courses here...


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