Haslemere Primary School

Claire Barton, Literacy Co-ordinator and Advanced Skills Teacher (Haslemere Primary School, Mitcham):


"We were getting pretty bored with our existing reading scheme - the same old characters and story settings were just failing to capture the children's interest. Rigby Star Guided is very different - bright and colourful, the books stimulate such enthusiastic creative responses from the children, their overall motivation to read is much improved.


The text varieties in Rigby Star Guided are excellent and appealing to both girls and boys. We particularly like the repetition of the key words. It's so positive to see the children keen to read on - Curly and his friends are firm favourites!


The Teaching Versions for every book are comprehensive and the vocabulary user-friendly. Providing clear guidance, they are ideal for LSAs and have helped us build teaching confidence in delivering Guided Reading sessions. The key objectives and high frequency words are instantly apparent, which is great. We also use the Pupil Activity Software. The children love it and the feedback on each child's progress via the in-built record-keeping system is informative.


In a school where it's often hard to keep children interested in reading, Rigby Star Guided certainly makes things easier. We've had an excellent OFSTED report and I feel sure the children's renewed enthusiasm for reading was a contributory factor. Using Rigby Star Guided means Guided Reading sessions are enjoyable, relaxed and effective. In fact, we are so impressed with Rigby Star Guided we are now in the process of replacing our old Independent Readers with Rigby Star Independent!"


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