What's in Rapid Writing?

Rapid Writing contains pupil writing logs for small group and independent writing sessions, text-to-speech software for independent story writing practice and teaching guides to help make every writing intervention effective. It is designed for use by SEN and struggling writers at KS2 (First/Second Level).


Pupil Writing Logs – 9 fun books that children love to use

With fun contexts and fantastic designs, these finely levelled writing logs are designed to help your children tackle the elements of writing they find most difficult to master. They support and scaffold their writing, helping them to enjoy and take pride in their finished work.

The comic-book style appeals especially to boys and the age-appropriate content will help keep them on task as they work through short, achievable tasks to help build their confidence.

Rapid Writing log sample spread 200 pixelsFrom spelling and punctuation tasks, to sentence structure and writing for different genres and text types, Rapid’s writing logs will help your children tackle and improve all areas of their writing. 

Using familiar characters from the Rapid Reading books, these Rapid Writing logs are a great way to support the link between reading and writing.


Pupil software 

Rapid Writing stage 1 screenshot 200 pixelsRapid Writing’s pupil software enables children to write their own stories in an engaging on-screen environment.

A CD for each Stage is a great way to build children’s confidence as they practise writing independently. Each provides a gradual build-up of spelling, word recognition, sentence structure and punctuation activities. 

Supportive vocabulary prompts help them with their story writing and the brilliant text-to-speech function allows them to hear their sentences read out loud so they can edit and improve their work. Children can collect medals as they progress and the at-a-glance record keeping makes it easy for you to plan the next steps for each child.


Teaching Guides – one for each Stage

Rapid Writing TG sample page 100 pixelsThe Teaching Guides contain everything you need to run enjoyable and pacey guided writing sessions.

With a clear layout, detailed lesson notes and checkpoints to highlight common areas of confusion, these guides offer great pick-up-and-go support for Teaching Assistants and you can also gather evidence for APP using the comprehensive assessment guidance in each book.


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See the full range of resources of resources in this series in our Rapid Writing Structure Chart  (PDF, 4MB)

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