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We really care about making a difference in schools. Take a look at this latest infographic to see what teachers have told us about their experience of using Abacus. 




Abacus Interim Research Report

The Pearson research team have been working with UCL Institute of Education to conduct a study into the impact Abacus is having in schools. The team conducted an ‘Exploratory Study’ to gather early results and test out their research methods - in preparation for a larger study. Read the Abacus Interim Research Report for the latest update on the research.


Case Studies

Teachers have told us that Abacus inspires a love of maths and ensures every child masters the National Curriculum.

Support great teaching by saving time and stress


Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School, Lancashire

Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School is a rural school in Lancashire. It needed a structured programme to ensure consistent coverage of the 2014 National Curriculum throughout the school. Deborah Hodgin, the Deputy Head Teacher, explains how Abacus has developed pupil confidence and made a big impact on pupil progress. Read more.



Great maths results you can count on!


Speenhamland Primary School, Berkshire

Speenhamland is a slightly larger than average primary school in Newbury. Following a recent Ofsted report, and consultations with the local authority, maths was identified as a key area for improvement. The school had focused on literacy the previous year and wanted to build on that success. Karen Osmond, Maths Coordinator, explains how Abacus has had an impact on maths teaching in her school. Read more.



 Teacher testimonials

  • Abacus monkey character"An outstanding resource for outstanding schools! This resource is so complete, so innovative, so intelligently designed..." (Laura Kendle, Cold Norton Primary)
  • "I wish I had been taught maths with these resources!" (Teacher, Old Palace Primary)
  • “It is like having a husband who does all the housework!!” (Teacher, Lapworth Primary)
  • "The extensive resources are fantastic and the children are always engaged in lessons. All children are catered for, with flexible choices of activities. Being able to download and edit planning is great and it is useful to have a choice between the daily or weekly plans. There are hyperlinks in the planning to each resource, making it so easy to access everything. The children love the games and they are very easy to allocate. Again these are differentiated and linked to the weekly objective - perfect!" (Teacher, Bishop Henderson CE Primary)
  • "Abacus is easy to find your way around. Plans are very comprehensive and I like the ease with which you can find all the required resources via links in the plans. It provides excellent models and images to support learning. Activities are well differentiated." (Teacher, St Peters CE Infant School)

Independent review

"You’ve got everything here to inspire a genuine love of maths because Abacus is founded on a commitment to securing conceptual understanding, building numerical fluency, developing problem-solving skills and buffing mathematical confidence." the full review.

John Dabell, Primary Teacher and trained Ofsted Inspector



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