What's in Abacus?

Abacus Year 3 characterThree key principles:

  • Understanding - that children need a robust understanding and secure foundation in maths to develop:
    • conceptual understanding
    • numerical fluency
    • problem-solving skills and
    • mathematical confidence.
  • Progression - to ensure every child can move on, Abacus is built on a series of detailed progression ladders. These form the backbone to Abacus.
  • Control -  We never forget that teachers are the experts when it comes to knowing their class. So we've built Abacus to give you flexibility - offering structure when you want it, and freedom when you choose it.



  • Built into the heart of the Abacus teaching and learning cycle - not hived off as a strand to be done in isolation
  • Integrated Progress and Assess tools that, together with the rest of the assessment tools in Abacus, give you everything you need to support your ongoing judgements about how children are faring against the new curriculum.
  • NEW end-of-year tests to prepare children for end of key stage tests and help you assess how children are doing against Age Related Expectations before they move into the next year.
  • NEW ‘mastery checkpoints’ at key points over the course of the year help you assess mastery of objectives and mastery with greater depth. They include suggested next steps to address any problem areas before children move on.


 Textbooks and workbooks

  •  Beautifully designed and supportive textbooks and workbooks for independent practice
  • Provide opportunities for children to use the maths facts they have learned. 
  • ‘Think’ questions in textbooks and workbooks encourage children to explore concepts in greater depth.
  • ‘Grab’ icons indicate key manipulables for children to use to support their learning.
  • Key models and images are shared between textbooks and digital
    teaching tools to help children see maths visually and explore mathematical patterns.


An incredible online Pupil World

  • Complete with lively and exciting maths games and rewards.
  • Road-tested by children, for children.
  • Hundreds of activities for keeping maths facts “on the boil” and building mathematical fluency.
  • Children can create avatars and buy rewards using coins from completed games.

The Game Zone in the Abacus Pupil WorldRace World in the Abacus Pupil World






Professional Development

  • Designed to help your school develop confidence in using Abacus and to provide an understanding of the essentials.
  • Will help your whole staff get under the skin of the Abacus toolkit and get the most out of your investment.
  • Includes opportunities to discuss as a school how you’d like to implement Abacus.
  • Mastery support with CPD videos and expert advice.
  • Teaching for Mastery with Abacus half day Professional Development course.


NEW Mastery Checkpoints Workbooks

  • Offer the popular online Abacus Mastery Checkpoints in an alternative format.
  • Support online Mastery Checkpoints activities
  • Enables teachers to quickly identify children who have not mastered a concept
  • Workbooks include space for children to make notes, write their answers and show their workings.


And a Teacher Toolkit that gives you...

  • Flexibility to use the toolkit in a way that works for you – providing structure when you choose it and complete freedom when you want it.
  • Support for teachers teaching for mastery.
  • Thousands of inspiring plans, planning ideas, activities and tools.
  • Clever assessment resources and tools to help you track children’s attainment and their progress towards Age Related Expectations.
  • A programme mapped to a selection of rich mathematical tasks from NRICH to deepen children’s understanding and provide opportunities for mastery with greater depth.
  • Time-saving reception plans and resources for your littlest learners.
  • Tools and videos to support you in building a whole-school approach to calculation.


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