Heinemann Active Maths

Active Maths for the Curriculum for Excellence

Heinemann Active Maths is the first activity–led maths programme, created specifically for Scottish schools, with the Curriculum for Excellence and Active Learning at its heart.

It’s been designed by an expert author team, led by Series Editors Lynda Keith and Lynne McClure, to meet the outcomes and experiences of Curriculum for Excellence through active learning, active teaching and real progression.  

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With Heinemann Active Maths you can:

  • Meet the experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence through manageable and achievable learning outcomes.
  • Follow an active approach to maths teaching and learning to really excite and engage your children.
  • Put yourself in control of your maths curriculum with a range of flexible teaching and learning resources that completely address the CfE philosophy.
  • Develop concrete understanding of maths concepts with a carefully planned progression from one outcome to the next and smooth transition between levels.

Find out more about Heinemann Active Maths and see how it's structured.  

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Series includes:

For Early Level:

  • ActiveLearn Primary (online)
  • Activity Cards (online + Print)
  • eBooks (online)
  • Interactive Group Activities (online)
  • Activity Boards (online + print)
  • Resource Sheets (online)
  • Teaching Guide (print)

For First and Second Level:

  • ActiveLearn Primary (online)
  • Teacher Activity Cards (online + print)
  • Assessment (online)
  • Interactive Teaching Resources (online)
  • Photocopiable Masters (online + print)
  • Resource Sheets (online)
  • Talking and Listening games (online)
  • Real-Life Problem Solving games (online)
  • Solve the Problem games (online)
  • Individual Practice games (online)
  • Gameboards (online + print)
  • Pupil Books (print)
  • Answer Books (print)
  • Teaching Guides (print)

    Training and CPD for all levels.

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Customer Review:

The children just love the fact that it’s fun and engaging … One child said to me yesterday, ‘I just love this’ – now if that’s not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is.

- Graeme Murray, Principal Teacher, Machanhill Primary School

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