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Pupil Activity Software

Designed to integrate effortlessly with the printed resources, the Pupil Activity Software is the perfect way to embed ICT into your maths teaching.

  • Activities are differentiated to 3 levels
  • Straightforward record-keeping system
  • Requires minimal teacher supervision
  • Has simple navigation that increases your pupil's independence
  • Sits perfectly alongside your existing planning and teaching resources.



New Heinemann Maths provides full support for differentiation. It has Extension Textbooks throughout Key Stage 2, so that when your children are ready for more challenging material, you can use the books to

  • lead more able children through a range of problem solving activities
  • reinforce and extend fluency of number facts and mental calculation strategies.

In addition, New Heinemann Maths has a Framework Unit Planning CD-ROM which now offers differentiated pupil activities in the form of a support and extension variation for each activity suggested in every unit. 



New Heinemann Maths has a clear, easy-to-implement, three-strand approach to assessment. The assessment has a consistent approach from Reception to Year 6, ensuring continuity throughout the school.

Key Stage 1

  • Check-ups
    Contain short-term assessment on specific topics.
  • Round-ups
    Provide a longer-term assessment.
  • Activity Books
    Provide continuous assessment throughout the year.

Key Stage 2
The assessment strategy takes the same approach, with each style of assessment incorporated into an Assessment Book with accompanying Answer Book.


Pupil Materials

  • Activity Books
    Lively Activity Books(with in-built assessment) covering vital mathematical skills are available for KS1 and Year 3. The Activity Books are divided into separate topics such as Shape and Data Handling, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Numbers and Money and Fractions.
  • Textbooks and Extension Textbook
    The Textbooks, for Years 3-6, combine solid mathematical content, clear layout and a child-friendly way to encourage further practice of skills, and keep all your children focused on maths.



NHM offers a versatile two-pronged approach to planning:

Organising and Planning Guide
The backbone of the programme, which provides you with all the support you need to implement NHM and to plan your maths teaching.

Framework Unit Planning CD
A unique planning tool, which gives you absolute flexibility to customise your short-term planning. NHM is the only maths programme to offer such a flexible and user-friendly tool, and it offers:

  • a means to produce, edit and save your own weekly plans
  • a comprehensive way of matching all the material in NHM to the Framework termly planning grids
  • a quick and easy way of linking your termly record of work charts to the Framework
  • a bank of differentiated pupil activities.


Teaching Materials

Teaching File
A treasure trove of ideas, giving you everything you need for starters, whole-class direct teaching, consolidation and extension, and plenaries. The Teaching File combines clear presentation,easy-to-follow layout and straightforward referencing to other components. You have full flexibility to follow the structure of the programme as closely as you wish, or to use it as a dip-in resource to suit your needs. 


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