What's in Power Maths?

Power Maths is the only mastery programme created in partnership with White Rose Maths, which makes it the perfect partner to use alongside the progressions and schemes of learning. Find out more and take a look at the matching charts.

Power Maths cleverly combines:


Rich and quality textbooks provide a coherent structure through the curriculum and support children on their journey towards deeper understanding.




Practice Books

Just the right amount of intelligent practice for children to complete independently. 


Teacher Guides

Expert support for your day-to-day teaching and opportunities for reflection and continual professional development.



Online Toolkit

All the digital resources you need to support your whole-class teaching, including online versions of the textbooks, teaching tools, 'Power Up!' activities, strengthen and deepen activities, subject knowledge videos - and more. 


Assessment in Power Maths

Integrated throughout the Power Maths lessons and unit structure helping you to make regular assessments of children's understanding to inform your teaching and measure progress. For children, assessment is a chance for them to review key concepts and reflect on learning. Find out more


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Progress Tests

The half-termly and end of year tests support you to reliably track your children’s progress against Age Related Expectations every step of the way, whilst allowing you to confidently identify any misconceptions using our diagnostic assessment tools.  These include markschemes with correct answers, likely incorrect answers and strategies to address the misconceptions. Find out more

There's an online markbook to support the tests, helping teachers to track and analyse children's progress.

Professional Development

Practical, face-to-face courses, online videos to support subject knowledge, and online Q&A sessions. Find out more


Want to see more?

Book a Power Maths demo today to have a chat with your local consultant about building a package that works for your school. You can also get instant access to our free sample pack for free samples for each year group from Years 1-6. 

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