What's in Power Maths?

Power Maths is the only mastery programme created in partnership with White Rose Maths, which makes it the perfect partner to use alongside the progressions and schemes of learning.


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Textbooks & Practice Books

Rich textbooks provide a coherent structure through the curriculum and support children on their journey towards deeper understanding.

Practice Books give just the right amount of intelligent practice for children to complete independently.





Teacher Guides

Expert support for your day-to-day teaching and opportunities for reflection and continual professional development.

Online Toolkit


All the digital resources you need to support your whole-class teaching, including online versions of the textbooks, teaching tools, 'Power Up!' activities, strengthen and deepen activities, subject knowledge videos - and more. 




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Power Maths Reception brings everything that schools love about Power Maths together with beautiful new resources tailor-made for your Reception children. Developed in conjunction with White Rose Maths, Power Maths Reception is written by a team of Mastery Specialists and Early Years advisors.

  • Combines short, ten-minute bursts of maths teaching each day with plenty of practice through both guided activities and independent play.
  • Supports you in delivering teaching for mastery in Reception and covers the current and pilot Early Learning Goals.
  • Helps ensure a smooth transition to KS1, and a consistent approach across your whole school from Reception to Year 6.
  • An exciting growth mindset and problem solving approach develops mathematical curiosity and resilience.
  • Winner of a Bett Award in 2020 for Early Years Content.


Assessment in Power Maths

Integrated throughout the Power Maths lessons and unit structure helping you to make regular assessments of children's understanding to inform your teaching and measure progress. 

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Progress Tests

Half-termly and end of year tests support you with reliably tracking children’s progress against Age Related Expectations. An online markbook supports the tests, helping you to analyse your children's progress. Also included are markschemes with correct answers, likely incorrect answers, and strategies to address misconceptions.


Professional Development

Power Maths takes a continuous approach to teacher support and professional development, particularly in terms of subject knowledge and managing the whole-class teaching-for-mastery approach.

We offer a full-day course to help you understand the benefits of the Power Maths learning model and how to bring it to life for your children. In the session, you will experience a Power Maths lesson for yourself, get hands-on with the approach, work together with your colleagues and plan practical next steps for implementation.

We also provide online videos which explain how maths concepts link to each other, and help you develop an understanding of key misconceptions and teaching strategies so you can feel confident teaching each unit.




Created by mastery experts

A world class collaboration

Power Maths is based on extensive research into maths teaching around the world, and is written by world-leading educational experts with years of experience in embedding effective mastery approaches including:

  • Tony Staneff, Series Editor - Vice Principal at Trinity Academy Halifax, and leader of a team of mastery experts supporting schools across the UK in introducing teaching for mastery methods.
  • Jenny Lewis, Stephen Monaghan, Beth Smith and Kelsey Brown - mastery experts and experienced maths teachers within Trinity Multi-Academy Trust.
  • Professor Jian Liu, Series Consultant and Author - Professor Liu has developed one of the most popular maths textbook programmes in China, used by over 20 million children. He and his team of 12 authors are all highly experienced in intelligent practice and in embedding key maths concepts through a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach.
  • A team of experienced authors including: Josh Lury, Cherri Moseley, Paul Wrangles, Katie Williams, Caroline Hamilton and White Rose Maths (Faye Hurst, Amy Howe and Jane Brown).
  • + A group of 15 teachers and maths co-ordinators to ensure it meets the specific needs of children in the UK.
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TTS Power Maths Kits

An essential concept underpinning maths mastery is the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach which highlights the need to provide children with concrete manipulatives.

TTS® have therefore worked with us to design bespoke year group kits containing essential manipulatives that will support and enhance your teaching of Power Maths.

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Power Maths and White Rose Matching Charts

Power Maths is the only mastery programme created in partnership with White Rose Maths, which makes it the perfect partner to use alongside the progressions and schemes of learning.

Take a look at the charts below to take a closer look at how they match.

Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

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