Make Maths an Adventure

Maths is an adventure for children (and adults) to immerse themselves in, get creative with, make mistakes, and conquer!

See how schools are making maths an adventure up and down the country, with Power Maths!

Power Maths logo Power Maths - maths is an adventure! Share your #mathsadventures  Power Maths Case Study 600x150_5The Priory Primary SchoolPower Maths Case Study 600x150 (2)william pattenQuote "We are delighted this year for the first time our maths results (which were always good) have now reached a very good/excellent standard with a cohort that had a high percentage of school supported SEN – also our more able results were probably the strongest we have ever had......The one caveat is that you still need an excellent teacher but even with my excellent teacher before our commitment to the maths mastery training and Power maths we had never quite equalled our very good literacy results with our children."   Sally Greaves, Headteacher, Minety CofE Primary School, Wiltshire"Quote "I have seen vastly accelerated progress from using the Power Maths scheme; I have been using Year 1 and Year 2 planning for a Year 4 group as an intervention. The structure, detail and maths mastery included is amazing and has hugely contributed to the massive strides the children are making in their mathematical knowledge, using and applying." Jenny Stweard, SEN, Jeavons Wood Primary, Cambridgeshire  Image of Tweet 19th March 2019 "The moment your class (and you) scream with glee at the arrival of a set of brand new workbooks to try out on our maths journey! Oh the sheer joy! They can not wait to start work tomorrow! #powermaths "Power Maths Quotes Assets 600x150_1 (1)Image of Tweet "A fabulous week of maths learning.... Power Maths is going down a storm and really helping to  challenge our thinking further...."  Quote "There are an array of fluency, problem solving and reasoning challenges that enable all children - whatever their ability - to be challenged and enjoy maths! Children are excited by maths and teachers can also feel confident that we are teaching mastery at all times and challenging our children every single day. We have never seen our children so excited by maths and our results and progress across school is increasing!" Jodie Soanes, Staningly Primary School, Leeds Quote "The planning/resources will make everyone's life easier whilst improving teaching and learning across the board." Mr A Short, Primary Teacher, KS2 Leader and Head of MathsQuote "The school now does not have any pupils working way below expectations, Power Maths has definately improved standards." Carran Pitois, DHT and Maths Lead, Gunness and Burrington Primary School  Image of Tweet - Year 3 Hanwellfields - Next week we will be learning our final unit in @pearsonprimary Power Maths - Capacity! What a fantastic maths adventure we have had this year! It has been lovely to link units to our topic, science and even RE! #mathsiseverywhereQuote "Power Maths has definately improved standards, and there are a larger number of pupils working at greater depth than we had before using Power Maths" Carron Ptois, DHT and Maths Lead, Gunness and Burringham Primary School, North LincsQuote "Each carefully designed lesson provokes curiosity, encourages a positive mindset, teaches for understanding and encourages constant mathematical thinking. I've already seen first hand the amazing difference the materials have made in primary schools that are using it!" Tony Staneff, Power Maths Series Editor and Head of White Rose Maths  Image of Tweet "Mrs Kuffour had the pleasure of experiencing maths across the school this morning. She was impressed with how we have moved on with the CPA approach, represented in may different ways."  


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