Make Maths an Adventure

Maths is an adventure for children (and adults) to be immersed in, get creative with, make mistakes, and conquer!

See how schools are making maths an adventure up and down the country, with Power Maths!

Power Maths Power Maths - maths is an adventure! Share your #mathsadventures  "I have seen vastly accelerated progress from using the Power Maths scheme; I have been using Year 1 and Year 2 planning for a Year 4 group as an intervention."  The moment your class (and you) scream with glee at the arrival of a set of brand new workbooks to try out on our maths journey!Power Maths Case Study 600x150 (2)"A fabulous week of maths learning.... Power Maths is going down a storm and really helping to  challenge our thinking further...."  Power Maths testimonial Power Maths Quotes Assets 600x150_3Power Maths testimonial  "Mrs Kuffour had the pleasure of experiencing maths across the school this morning. She was impressed with how we have moved on with the CPA approach, represented in may different ways."  Power Maths Quotes Assets 600x150_1

Make maths a true adventure in your school. Book a demo today

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