Power Maths - created in partnership with White Rose Maths and recommended by the DfE!*

Power Maths is an exciting whole-class mastery approach that works for every child. The only mastery programme perfectly aligned to the White Rose Maths progressions and schemes of learning, it’s written specifically for UK classrooms by leading mastery experts, and is recommended by the DfE.* It comes in flexible and affordable packages to suit your needs and budget, whether you're looking for textbooks or teaching support. 

Make the most of the Power Maths money-back guarantee

We've submitted the Power Maths Key Stage 2 resources to the DfE and are confident they will be added to their list of recommended textbooks, alongside the already recommended Key Stage 1 resources. If you’re waiting to buy the Key Stage 2 resources then why not buy today with our money-back guarantee - if we don’t make the list, we will give you your money back and you can keep the books! 




Start-up price: £3,997



Start-up price: £4,957



Start-up price: £6,715

Is it right for me?


  • A world-class and unique mastery teaching model created by leading educational experts from the UK and China.
  • An exciting growth mindset and problem solving approach helps spark a curiosity and excitement for maths and equips children with deeper understanding.
  • Developed alongside a group of teachers to ensure Power Maths meets all the specific needs of children in the UK.
  • An enriched approach that cleverly combines interactive teaching tools, rich and quality textbooks and on-going professional development.
  • Affordable and flexible packages to suit your needs and budget - no extortionate adoption (or ongoing) costs.
  • New Power Maths progress tests - written by primary asseessment experts
  • Perfectly aligned to the White Rose Maths progressions and schemes of learning, and recommended by the DfE.*

See how Power Maths is structured.

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Introductory offer ends 31st December 2018!

Get a FREE Practice Book for every Textbook purchased when you adopt Power Maths before 31st December 2018.

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Eligible for DfE match funding?

Can I buy Power Maths with my DfE match funding?
Yes, you can! Power Maths KS1 is on the Department for Education’s list of recommended textbooks, which means you can buy it with your match-funding You can claim your funding against the Power Maths textbooks, practice books, teacher guides and the online toolkit.
How do I go about claiming my funding?
To buy Power Maths KS1 with your match-funding, simply purchase the resources in fullfrom your school budget, as you would normally. Then, send a copy of the original invoice,along with a new invoice from your school to your Maths Hub for half the amount of thepurchase (up to £2000). Your Maths Hub will, in turn, pay the invoice and you will receiveyour match funding.

Power Maths has been recommended by the DfE

Pearson submitted Power Maths KS1 to The Department for Education expert panel earlier this year. The great news is that the resources have been judged as fully delivering a mastery approach and placed on their list of recommended textbooks.

What is the closing date for claims?

2017/2018 Teacher Research Group schools can make claims up until 31 December 2018.

What about Key Stage 2?
We've submitted Power Maths KS2 to the DfE’s Autumn panel and we expect to hearthe results in November. The Department for Education have confirmed that if we'resuccessful, you'll be able to submit your invoice and claim your match funding for KS2 before the end of December 2018.




*Power Maths KS1 has been judged by the DfE panel to meet the core criteria for a high-quality textbook. KS2 coming soon. Read more.

For information about purchasing Power Maths or for product specific enquiries, please email powermaths.experts@pearson.com or call 0345 478 8802. For media enquiries relating to Power Maths or maths mastery, please contact our Communications Team at powermaths@consiliumcommunications.co.uk or call 07496 727 202 / 07467 945 848

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