Rapid Maths

The multi-sensory approach that's proven to help children catch up with their peers in maths at Key Stage 2. 

Rapid Maths is the ideal way to help struggling learners catch up with their peers in maths. With lots of variety plus software and games, Rapid Maths makes catch-up fun and gives each child personalised support and repeated practice in the fundamentals of numeracy. Plus, it's proven to double children’s progress in number skills (PDF, 0.4MB)



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  • Everything you need to help struggling learners to catch-up and close the gap in maths.
  • Helps children master basic number skills to enable them to access the curriculum.
  • Clear layout and a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach helps to support struggling learners.
  • Gradual spiral progression in number skills to aid confidence.
  • Varied and engaging 'real life' maths activities.
  • Time saving and accessible teacher and TA resources.
  • Perfect for Pupil Premium, Northern Ireland deprivation funding,  Pupil Equity Funding in Scotland and Pupil Deprivation Grant in Wales.

Read our guide on helping struggling learners to close the gap2. See the results for yourself

Read all about the difference Rapid has been making in schools up and down the country and read our guide 'Helping Struggling Learners to Close the Gap' (PDF, 1.83MB)



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Live outside the UK? International schools can buy the international edition of Rapid Maths from Pearson Global Schools here.

Please note that the Rapid Maths CD-Rom requires both Microsoft Windows 7 and Flash to run and will not run on higher versions. Microsoft are ceasing support from January 2020 of Windows 7 and Flash by December 2020. As a result please note that this CD-Rom will not work past 31st December 2019 and therefore will no longer be supported by Pearson. You can however still continue to use the programme without the CD-Rom.  If you have any queries please contact Pearson Digital Support on 0845 3138888 or email digital.support@pearson.com.









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Series includes:

  • 5 x Pupil Maths books
  • 5 x Home Maths books
  • 5 x Teaching Guides
  • 5 x Copymasters
  • 5 x Games Packs

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Customer Review:

"I have been impressed by the progress made by pupils using the Rapid Maths programme… Most teachers have found the multi-sensory resources easy to use and very appealing to their students. The pupils themselves have developed in self-confidence and many are beginning to enjoy maths for the first time."  

Carol Rushworth-Little, Learning Support Teacher - Maths Specialist, Worcs LA

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