What's in Rapid Maths?

Rapid Maths contains a pupil maths book, home maths book, teaching guide, a set of copymasters and a games pack for each of its five levels, plus a practice software CD covering the whole programme. It is designed to help SEN and struggling learners to catch up in number skills at KS2 (First/Second Level).

Pupil Maths books

These carefully-levelled comic-style pupil books put maths into exciting real-life contexts to help children make sense of the abstract concepts they struggle with.

The vibrant, age-appropriate designs and fun characters really hook children in, and the accessible reading levels mean they are ideal for less-confident readers.

Each book contains varied maths problems that are structured to provide the gradual spiral progression children need to reinforce fundamental numeracy concepts and the careful levelling of the books and practice software will help move them from NC Level 1 to 4.

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Home Maths books

A Home Maths book for each level will extend your children’s learning beyond the classroom. These vibrant and colourful books are lots of fun and are packed with bite-sized activities that even the most reluctant learner will want to continue learning with at home with their parents.

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Practice software

Rapid Maths Practice Software puts children in control of their own learning.  Packed with fun, interactive games, children use headphones to work through the activities at their own pace. Each activity is designed to help them understand key maths concepts and gives them the repeated independent practice they need to progress. Audio and text feedback is delivered by the characters they've already met in their Pupil Maths books.


 The software automatically tracks your children’s scores to help you monitor their progress and the virtual teaching assistant creates a learning profile for each child, alerts you when they are ready to move on to the next level and includes at-a-glance reports to help you with assessment.

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Teaching Guides

A Teaching Guide for each level contains everything you need to deliver fun and effective Rapid Maths interventions and group sessions.

With lots of time-saving planning support, useful assessment advice to help ensure your children are on track, and clear, informative notes relating to each Pupil Book page, the guides are perfect for Teaching Assistants. There are also references to the practice software and Home Maths activities to help you make the most of each Rapid Maths session.



A set of Copymasters for each level provide additional support for your catch-up sessions. 

Games packs

These fun and collaborative games will help your children practise and consolidate their maths skills and develop numerical fluency.

They’re a really simple way to encourage mental recall, which in turn will help your children grow in confidence.Rapid Maths red level games pack 200 pixels


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