The Maths Factor philosophy

  The Maths Factor is an engaging online maths homework site which supports great maths teaching at school, by encouraging regular practice at home.

There are 5 key principles at its heart:

1. Practice, practice, practice

The Maths Factor is designed to be used a little bit every day - one of the keys to building maths confidence, especially during the school holidays.  Each session lasts just 10-15 minutes, giving children a quick sense of progress and achievement.

2. Keep it fun

The Maths Factor is designed around a fun ‘Maths Factor park’, with colourful avatars and motivating rewards to encourage regular use. Every session comes with a 'warm up', which gets children into gear with more light-hearted questions before the formal practice. Meantime, games unlock in the Games Centre, as children progress through the course.

3. Finely levelled progression

Within each Maths Factor topic children progress in finely levelled ‘micro-steps’, to reduce maths anxiety and build confidence.

4. Mastery approach

The course is structured to encourage mastery of a topic before moving on. The emphasis on repeated practice, with very fine increments in the level of demand, ensures children develop full mathematical fluency on any given topic. 

5. Positive encouragement

All Carol Vorderman’s videos are lively, enthusiastic and supportive to make children feel like they can become master mathematicians. Regular rewards give children a sense of achievement and they love watching their Correct answers counter - it only ever goes up!


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