Proof it works

Carol Vorderman's online 'Maths Factor' students advance by up to 25 months in one year

New data from, reveals that primary-aged children who regularly completed 15 minute sessions dramatically accelerated their maths learning. 

  • Those who completed an average of three or more sessions a week saw their 'maths age'* advance by an average of 19 months in one year.
  • Completing five or more sessions per week saw an even greater acceleration of maths age, by an average of 25 months in one year.**


*Maths age is a term given to identify the expected level of maths competency at a given age.

**See below chart to see progression gained by regular practice sessions on The Maths Factor. NB. ‘Sessions’ are determined as being 10-20 minutes spent watching a tutorial video from Carol, and then doing a practice exercise. Average sample size for each category is 387 children.



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