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"This proven online resource, road tested by children for children, will help all learners be number confident and number fit. The Maths Factor offers top-class maths provision that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine and ensure that children are not left behind by the time they are 11.  It’s the best home-school online maths resource I have seen because it focuses on actual teaching, meaningful practice and reinforces what really takes place in the classroom. Classy, fun and immersive, this is online maths learning with real credibility and acumen, fronted by a real maths star.” John Dabell, Primary Teacher and trained Ofsted Inspector  

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"We have recently had Emily’s parents evening. Feedback from previous terms regarding her progress has been that maths is her weaker subject, she has the knowledge, she needs the confidence to apply this knowledge. This time, the first comment was that maths is one of her strongest subjects and she is flying! She is now in the top set for maths , and a times table whizz! I must place all the credit at the door of the maths factor. It is interesting that this turnaround has been in only one term of using the maths factor." Jenny and her Daughter, Maths Factor users

"Congratulations on a fantastic site. Great for teaching rebellious boys (Y3) to focus on math - your compelling voice at each stage, the addition of fun avatars and structure plus digestible homework sizes to ensure daily compliance all work really well." Adrian Tang, Maths Factor user      

"What a brilliant, outstanding programme that has helped all three of our children progress to remarkable levels in maths. I recommend it to everyone & the schools." Tess Gibson, Maths Factor user





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