How does the Maths Factor work?

The Maths Factor in a nutshell

Extra practice at home to ensure children meet age-related expectations at school.

How does The Maths Factor work?

Carol Vorderman created The Maths Factor with a mission: to unlock every child’s confidence in maths. To achieve this mission The Maths Factor topics are structured in a mastery curriculum to aid fluency and deepen understanding. Each topic is designed with finely graded progression to ensure understanding of the basic mathematical concepts is fully embedded before the child moves on to the next topic.

1. Carol's videos

The perfect support for children outside the classroom, Carol's videos are lively and fun.  There's one at the start of every Maths Factor session - children can watch them as many times as they need to unblock an issue

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

The Maths Factor is built in a fun, beautiful, learning environment.  but when it comes to the practice exercises, we let the number so the talking. Large clear graphics - ultra simple interface - no timer, no added pressure.  It probably helps explain why The Maths Factor has been particularly successful at raising the attainment of struggling children.

3. Control and reporting

You know the areas where your children need a little extra boost to meet age-related expectations, so The Maths Factor allows you to set individual starting points for each child. The reporting tool instantly shows how they have performed.

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