Intelligent, flexible and personalised maths practice

Maths Flex is a new maths practice platform for KS2 that combines mastery approaches to intelligent practice, whole-class teaching, and same day intervention with powerful AI.

The AI from our partners, Century Tech, uses White Rose Maths* small-steps approach as the basis for setting highly personalised, individual practice, constantly adapting to the pupil’s own strengths and weaknesses. This helps you to manage the wide range of abilities in your class whilst cutting down the time required to set practice. 

Powerful reporting gives you an overview of class progress, including highlighting those in need of stretch and intervention, enabling you to make data-driven decisions on what to teach next. 

Following the school closures many pupils are struggling with learning loss. The powerful AI in Maths Flex will support catch-up plans by identifying missing pre-requisite skills and knowledge and by providing pupils with highly personalised practice, allowing them to move forward successfully with the curriculum. 

Why include AI in a practice service?

  • AI, or machine learning, analyses large data sets to look for patterns. It tracks every click, every time a pupil pauses a video and time taken to complete a practice, not just their score.
  • Rather than simply relying on pre-programmed rules about what pupils should learn, AI looks across at large data set to look for patterns and analyses the most effective learning routes for individual pupils.
  • As a pupil uses the service more, Maths Flex will continuously learn more about that pupil and ‘flex’ its recommendations to suit them, based on their performance and level of engagement, giving a truly personalised learner pathway.


See the benefits with a 6-week free trial

Maths Flex is available from September 2020** and is great back to school support after the school closures. Use this free trial to support levelling up your class and take advantage of the powerful time saving support. You will be able to:

  • set appropriate practice in line with your current teaching plans and save time finding appropriate practice for your class
  • set the practice to be done in class or at home
  • see the learners benefit from the personalised learning
  • see the instant reporting on class and individual strengths and weaknesses, saving you time from marking and analysing the scores
  • identify the students needing 1-2-1 intervention or tutoring.

How much does it cost?


Single form entry

£1,250 per school per year


Double form entry

£1,500 per school per year


Triple form entry

£1,750 per school per year

*Maths Flex follows the White Rose Maths scheme of work but is not endorsed by White Rose Maths.

**Maths Flex launches in September with the Autumn term content. See the release dates for further units here



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