How does Maths Flex work?

Maths Flex combines AI with quality practice resources. It continually adapts to focus on the areas that pupils most need support with and is fully aligned with best practice mastery principles. 

Intelligent practice

Rather than promoting simple repetition, Maths Flex supports children developing fluency and confidence through varied, frequent and thoughtful practice as part of a logical, planned sequence​.

Flexible, personalised practice

The Maths Flex Learner Pathway always recommends the next most useful practice activity that the learner can tackle​.

Deep insights and reporting

Maths Flex provides deep reporting into pupils learning with suggested actions for both the class and more individual pupils.


The Pupil World




Pupils each have their unique login to ActiveLearn Primary where they can access Maths Flex from the menu. Pupils can earn coins for completing sessions and spend them on a variety or rewards such as dressing up avatars and playing online games.



The Learner Pathway

As the powerful AI learns, it gains further insights into the child's learning and adapts the Learner Pathway to always recommend the most effective thing for the learner to study next. The Pathway consists of three different types of activities called Nuggets.







After working through 3 or 4 White Rose Maths or Power Maths small steps in class, pupils take a Check-in, a short 12 question activity to assess current knowledge and diagnose any issues.


Practice Nuggets

Following the Check-in, Practice Nuggets are recommended.  Each Practice Nugget starts with a video and is followed by carefully structured, varied and thoughtful practice. They can contain either further practice, intervention, pre-requisite learning, long term memory boosters or depth and stretch.


Bonus Nuggets




Pupils who learn quickly or who have completed all the recomended practice nuggets will not be encouraged to perform unnecessary extra practice, nor will they have the option to move rapidly beyond the current block of teaching. Instead the Learner Pathway will encourage them to spend time engaging with the open-ended bonus nuggets to explore and  understand concepts at a deeper level. 


Growth Mindset

Friendly characters model the traits of growth mindset learners and encourage resilience by prompting and questioning children as they work. They appear in the questions helping children to model methods, alternatives and misconceptions. They also appear in the answers encouraging and supporting your children, always hardworking, enthusiastic and unafraid of making and talking about mistakes.


The Course Library




All the nuggets available to the pupil can be found in the course library. The child can choose to do these at any time and their results will continue to feed into the Learner Pathway.


Teacher Practice Plans

Hosted in ActiveLearn Primary the teacher will find Practice Plans structured around the White Rose Maths Blocks and small steps ready to be sent out to the children. They simply align the dates for when they expect to start teaching each Block and the platform will take it from there.  


Teacher Dashboards




The dashboards will tell you how long each pupil is spending on the platform, what nuggets they have studied and what scores they got. It will also tell you areas of strength and where there is room for improvement both for each pupil and for your class as a whole. It will also tell you which pupils need more support, which need more praise, who is the most committed and who could be making more of an effort.

See the benefits with a 6-week free trial

Maths Flex is great back to school support after the school closures. Use this free trial to support levelling up your class and take advantage of the powerful time saving support. You will be able to:

  • set appropriate practice in line with your current teaching plans and save time finding appropriate practice for your class
  • set the practice to be done in class or at home
  • see the learners benefit from the personalised learning
  • see the instant reporting on class and individual strengths and weaknesses, saving you time from marking and analysing the scores
  • identify the students needing 1-2-1 intervention or tutoring

 Start your trial now 






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