Introducing School Jam

School Jam is a brand-new app for schools featuring fun, easy-to-use maths activities to engage parents with their children’s learning and help them to make better progress in class.

For only £85 + VAT per year, teachers can send quick, fun activities for parents to do with their Reception and Key Stage 1 children, directly linked to the maths they are learning at school. 

We’ve tested School Jam with hundreds of parents, teachers and pupils and are confident it’s super easy to administer and most importantly – fun. No other resource is directly linked to the child's maths scheme and sent directly to the parent's phone or tablet. 

What's more, School Jam is perfectly matched to your Power Maths lessons and the White Rose Maths schemes of learning

Power Maths schools discount!

A discount is available for Power Maths schools. Please use Live Chat to claim your exclusive offer!    

Tell me more!

  • Send a ready-made activity per week to the free app which parents download onto their phones. All activities are for parents and children to do together.
  • The sessions include 'maths help' videos for parents to help them understand what their child is learning at school and the teaching methods and theory behind mastery.
  • Written by experts, the activities and videos are fun, interactive, varied and engaging.


  • Activities and videos match the White Rose Maths schemes of learning and Power Maths or can be manually set according to your lesson plans.
  • Optional stretch activities are included for those parents who feel their child is super engaged and wants to do more.
  • Teachers can then see who has completed the task and view screenshots of digital games completed by the parents and children which make for a great conversational start to the next maths lesson. 

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