The Abacus philosophy

There are three key principles at the heart of Abacus:

1. We believe teachers make the biggest impact

We believe that teachers are the true experts and research shows that good teaching produces understanding. That’s why in Abacus, we give you the control and freedom to make the right decisions for your children and use it in a way that works for you.



2. We believe understanding is key

Research tells us that children need to understand the fundamentals of what they’re doing in maths in order to develop a robust understanding. We’ve built Abacus on a “four pillar” approach to ensure children develop:

  • An appreciation of our number system and strong grasp of place value
  • A really good bank of number facts
  • Exposure to consistent and developmental models and images
  • Comprehension of the key maths functions based on doubling and halving.


3. We believe in progression for all children

To ensure all children master the maths curriculum, we’ve built Abacus on a robust skills progression that outlines what skills children need to acquire and when. We’ve also built prerequisites for learning into every piece of Abacus teaching so that you can support all children to access Age Related Expectations.



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