New Heinemann Maths

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Flexible and practical, New Heinemann Maths enables you to organise your teaching by topics or by blocked unit of work. This complete maths programme provides outstanding planning support, exceptional teacher resources and motivating pupil materials.  

New Heinemann Maths

  • Flexible - enabling you to plan and teach to the needs of your class.
  • Perfect for use with extended blocked units of work.
  • A supportive resource for teachers with all levels of experience, with step-by-step teaching guidance.
  • Packed with thorough practice for all concepts.

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New Heinemann Maths


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Series includes:

New Heinemann Maths is a whole-school maths programme with:

  • Organising & Planning Guides (Reception to Yr 6)
  • Teaching File & CDs (Reception to Yr 6)
  • Activity Books (Reception to Yr 3)  
  • Textbooks & Extension Textbooks  (Yrs 3 to 6)
  • Photocopy Masters (Yrs 2 to 6)
  • Answer Books   (Yrs 3 to 6)

Customer Review:

"New Heinemann Maths allows you to be the driver, but gives you plenty of back-up, so that you can use it exactly as you want."

Mrs. Bartell, Numeracy Co-ordinator, The Blake School, Witney

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