Free Power Maths resources during school closures

9780435189945 TB 1B

Year 1 Textbook 1B

Access online now

9780435189730 PB1B

Year 1 Practice Book 1B Unit 11

Download now (pdf 6MB)

9780435189921 TB2B

Year 2 Textbook 2B

Access online now

9780435189761 PB2B

Year 2 Practice Book 2B Unit 10

Download now (pdf 9MB)

9780435190262 TB3B

Year 3 Textbook 3B

Access online now

9780435189853 PB3B

Year 3 Practice Book Unit 9

Download now (pdf 3MB)

9780435190255 TB4B

Year 4 Textbook 4B

Access online now

9780435189884 PB4B

Year 4 Practice Book 4B Unit 10

Download now (pdf 1MB)

9780435190293 TB5B

Year 5 Textbook 5B

Access online now

9780435190378 PB5B

Year 5 Practice Book 5B Unit 11

Download now (pdf 2MB)

9780435190323 TB6B

Year 6 Textbook 6B

Access online now

9780435190361 PB6B

Year 6 Practice Book 6B Unit 12

Download now (pdf 2MB)

Additional support

We understand that this is a new way of teaching and learning for many schools and families. That's why we've created two new videos to help you, your students and their families make the most of using the Power Maths content online. View the videos


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