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Presented by a range of leading phonics experts and authored by the same respected team behind our flagship Bug Club Phonics resources and the hugely influential Clackmannanshire Study, our synthetic phonics professional development courses will help your staff – from your Headteacher to your TAs – to deliver an effective, systematic phonics approach across your school, and help every child read by six.

Our synthetic phonics professional development courses will ensure you:
  • have a consistent understanding throughout your school of the key principles of systematic synthetic phonics
  • understand why this approach works to ensure all children learn to read by the age of six
  • are able to use Bug Club Phonics confidently and competently to embed a systematic synthetic phonics approach throughout your school
  • are able to formulate catch-up sessions for children that need them to ensure no child is left behind. 

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Choose a Phonics Bug course to suit you:

Phonics Bug Professional Development Half Day

Phonics Bug Professional Development Half Day


This half-day course is designed for teachers and TAs who have a sound understanding of the principles of synthetic phonics; looking for Professional Development on the implementation of Bug Club Phonics in their schools. 

This course is only for teachers who are confident with synthetic phonics.

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