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Helping you close the word gap during school closures 

Due to the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in, with many children being homeschooled, we know there is a growing concern around a gap developing in children’s reading and language development. With school closures threatening to eradicate the progress we have made in closing the word gap over the last 10 years, we can understand the worry both parents and teachers will face around their child's language learning.

To help address this key issue, we’ve partnered with Rebecca Cosgrave, Lead Primary Advisor for Babcock LDP* in Devon, to give you some practical advice around developing a whole school approach to vocabulary teaching to share with your colleagues and implement in your school.  

Rebecca and her team of English Advisors have written many resources to support teachers in the delivery of English in primary schools including the very successful No Nonsense series. The team have now written Developing Vocabulary – CPD package for teaching and learning and have already delivered it to hundreds of Devon primary schools. The programme has seen a huge impact in reading results and has received excellent feedback in supporting schools to close the word gap. 

For any questions about Rebecca and her team's work please email:

What's in the session?

This free session, split into five short videos, will provide a taster of Babcock’s tried and tested Developing Vocabulary – CPD package for teaching and learning and is comprised of the following modules:  

Module 1 - Why is developing vocabulary so important? 

Module 2 - What are the issues in your school? 

Module 3 - Examples of whole-school approaches 

Module 4 - The place of effective CPD 

Module 5 - Impact of a strategic approach 

Click below to watch all five modules on YouTube:  

 If you have any questions about the Developing Vocabulary taster session, please contact Rebecca Cosgrave:

Or if you would like to find out more about the full Babcock LDP Developing Vocabulary – CPD package for teaching and learning, please visit their website.

*Babcock LDP is part of the UK's largest integrated service provider for education improvement and specialist intervention services.  They work with academies, schools and settings, Devon County Council and other Local Authorities and with a range of regional and national bodies. Babcock LDP is a partnership with Devon County Council. Created in 2012, Babcock LDP brings together quality-assured expertise from the South West to help raise education outcomes and deliver effective support to schools and academies. 


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