The Science Bug philosophy

The Science Bug teaching and learning cycle

Science Bug is written on an evidence-based approach to science teaching and learning.

We know that children construct their understanding of the world through experience. In order to make learning real, children need to explore, ask questions, and assess their understanding.

So we’ve carefully crafted Science Bug on a robust teaching and learning cycle that puts children and hands-on, active learning at its heart and ensures progression for all.

We believe that to instil scientific confidence in children and to inspire future generations of young scientists, we need to spark their imagination and fuel their curiosity with hands-on, experiential science. 

But just as importantly, we need inspiring teachers at the helm to bring it all to life.

The Science Bug Teaching and Learning Cycle


Science Bug isn’t about simplifying science to make it easier to implement or understand. Instead, we’ve:

  • designed Science Bug with today’s curious kids in mind, and packed it with fun, hands-on activities, videos and animations – things we know will grab them and keep them motivated and excited.
  • made sure that Science Bug is built on a really robust teaching and learning cycle that will ensure all children progress in their learning.
  • provided support and guidance for you to dip into and use in a way that’s right for you, whatever your level of expertise.

The Science Bug approach

In Science Bug, we provide support and guidance for you to use in a way that's right for you, and a raft of exciting activities, tools and suggestions to inspire your science teaching.


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