Science Bug - for the primary curriculum

Science Bug, an exciting hands-on science programme for today’s curious kids, is designed to help you spark imagination, fuel curiosity and nurture confident young scientists. And it's perfect for Curriculum for Excellence and the Northern Ireland Curriculum too! 



Science Bug is packed with:

  • Inspiring plans, activities and tools – all online and in one place.
  • Practical investigations and hands-on outdoor learning
  • Pupil Books and Assessment
  • Interactive Teaching Resources containing videos and fun activities for children
  • Built-in differentiation and assessment opportunities
  • NEW integrated "Progress and Assess" tools for tracking children's progress!
  • Guidance and support on key science concepts
  • Professional Development to help you get to grips with the new curriculum 
  • Plus... children get access to an online pupil reward world packed with fun rewards.

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Customer Review:

''The first time I used it I felt like a pirate inspecting a treasure chest...In the right hands, Science Bug could be a triumph."

- John Dabell, Primary teacher and trained Ofsted Inspector

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