What's in Science Bug?

What's in Science Bug

The Teacher Toolkit

The teacher toolkit gives you everything you need to help you inspire confident young scientists. It's written for the new primary science programme of study in England and is perfect for Curriculum for Excellence and the Northern Ireland Curriculum too!

It's packed with:  

Science Bug Interactive Teaching Resources


  • New integrated Progress and Assess Science for assessing and tracking children's attainment.
  • Inspiring plans, activities and tools all online and in one place.
  • Interactive Teaching Resources containing videos, animations and fun interactive activities that children will love.
  • Practical, real-life investigations and outdoor learning that gets kids doing science with their own hands.
  • Guidance and support on key science concepts.
  • Built-in differentiation and assessment opportunities.
  • Printable Photocopiable Masters for independent investigations.



Formative and summative assessment is at the heart of the Science Bug teaching and learning cycle, so you’ll find opportunities for assessing progress woven throughout:

  • Unit overviews and learning expectations set the scene for what children will have learnt by the end of a unit.
  • Activities for capturing knowledge help you assess children’s knowledge at the start of a unit.
  • Regular opportunities for children to reflect on their learning allows for formative assessment throughout.
  • End-of-unit activities encourage children to explore what they’ve learnt, and how their ideas have changed and why.
  • Optional summative assessments for capturing how a child has performed against age related expectations are provided at the end of each unit.


Science Bug Pupil Books

Pupil Books

Beautifully designed Pupil Books for independent work and science skill preparation.


Professional Development

An inspirational and practical half-day course exploring:

  • How to make science real, hands-on and awe-inspiring for your children using your Science Bug resources
  • How to encourage scientific confidence and nurture a love of science with Science Bug

Plus, help your whole staff get to grips with the new knowledge requirements and working scientifically.


How is Science Bug organised?

To support you in delivering the science programme of study
and to free you up to focus on what you do best, we’ve woven
together the working scientifically skills and the knowledge
objectives to form six half-termly units per year group.

The Science Bug units


 Science Bug character


Try two free Science Bug units

We have TWO free units available for you to try before you buy. Try one (or both!) of our free units today.


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