ReviseWise is a service designed to support children as they prepare for their Key Stage 2 National Tests, boosting them to Level 4 and beyond.  The series features a DVD, a study book and a practice book.

ReviseWise Science DVD Plus Pack

  • High-quality reproduction of all the programmes, with clear menus to take you straight to your chosen topic
  • The printed teacher's book covers the areas where typically under-perform, raising them to the next level
  • It includes a collection of teacher's activities, photocopiable sheets and practice sheets.
  • Key concepts clearly explained
  • Strategies and guidance on how to answer questions in a way that will gain marks in the National Tests
  • Stimulating activities to deepen children's understanding

ReviseWise Science Study Book

  • Each topic is clearly covered on a single page
  • Practice questions, including motivating puzzles and challenges
  • National Test-style questions at the back of the book
  • Hints and tips on each page help children remember key points
  • Fun, lively approach using characters and colourful illustrations

ReviseWise Science Practice Book

  • Quick practice of a different skill on every page
  • Watch your progress as you complete all the questions
  • Test practice at the back of the book
  • Effective test preparation
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Series includes:

  • x1 DVD Plus Pack
  • x1 Study Book
  • x1 Practice Book

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