Supporting Scottish schools to bridge the attainment gap

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At Pearson we are ready and waiting to help you to meet the Scottish Attainment Challenge and support your children to bridge the attainment gap.

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We have many resources in our portfolio that can support you with the key aims of the Pupil Equity Fund to deliver the Curriculum for Excellence in your school. Our teaching programmes and resources include literacy, mathematics, intervention, science and wellbeing and resilience programmes to help you boost your children’s progress and close the gap.


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Delivering the Curriculum for Excellence

We offer 12 different products to support the Interventions for Equity Framework

See how each product supports the Interventions for Equity Framework

Supporting the Interventions for Equity Framework

Early intervention and prevention

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Professional learning and leadership

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Targeted approaches to literacy and numeracy

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Promoting healthy lifestyles

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Using evidence and data

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Employability and skills development


Social and emotional wellbeing

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Engaging beyond the school

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Promoting a high quality learning experience

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Research and evaluation to monitor impact

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 Partnership working


Differentiated support

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Case studies from your fellow teachers

See more success stories on the Primary Impact page 

Scotland Excel - Buy Direct and Save 26% plus receive free delivery

Pearson has been awarded, on a shared basis, the Scotland Excel framework for Educational Textbooks schedule 06/17, lots 7 & 16. A standard discount of 26% and free delivery is available on textbook orders. Orders should be placed via the eProcurement System used within your Local Authority. 

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