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The snappy way to deliver really effective phonics catch-up

Read about the impact Rapid is making in schoolsThousands of schools up and down the country use Rapid to help their struggling and disadvantaged children with SEN catch up in phonics - and the results speak for themselves. A Rapid Phonics trial in Neath and Port Talbot found children quadrupled their expected reading progress and doubled their expected spelling progress!

It’s never too early or too late to fill in the gaps in phonic knowledge. Rapid Phonics makes catch-up sessions quick, memorable and fun from Year 1 to Year 6. This unique catch-up programme includes snappy lessons, lively age appropriate books and fantastic interactive activities to build confidence and fluency.


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  • Everything you need to help struggling learners to catch-up and close the gap.
  • Snappy lessons that reinforce the basics of phonics in small, manageable steps.
  • 56 age-appropriate, 100% decodable fiction and non-fiction books to help develop decoding and comprehension.
  • Frequent, fine grained assessments help you place children at the right level and move them on when they are ready.
  • Dyslexia-friendly design is perfect for helping dyslexic children to read.
  • Written by intervention expert Marlynne Grant
  • Perfect for Pupil Premium, Northern Ireland deprivation funding,  Pupil Equity Funding in Scotland and Pupil Deprivation Grant in Wales.

2. See the results for yourselfRead our guide on helping struggling learners to close the gap

Read all about the difference Rapid has been making in schools up and down the country and read our guide 'Helping Struggling Learners to Close the Gap' (PDF, 1.83MB). 



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Live outside the UK? International schools can buy the international edition of Rapid Reading from Pearson Global Schools here.

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Series includes:

  • Online progress tracking
  • 56 readers and eBooks
  • Online pupil world
  • Printed teacher guides and assessment books
  • Wall chart and flash cards
  • Professional development


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Customer Review:

"The children’s self-esteem has
really grown - they’re so much
more confident."
- Jane Aplin, Upton Junior School, Dorset

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