Bounce Back!

The first Positive Education program for schools

Written by well-known educators and best-selling authors Helen McGrath and Toni Noble, Bounce Back! promotes positive mental health and student wellbeing. A whole-school program from P1 to S2, Bounce Back! provides students with practical strategies and life skills to handle challenges and adversity encountered.
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Bounce Back! Classroom Resources explore topics connected to student wellbeing and resilience in nine curriculum units, with a variety of engaging classroom activities. To explore topics, units incorporate high quality children's literature and use Circle Time discussions.


Positive Education integrates the core principles of Positive Psychology with the evidence-informed structures, practices and programs that have been shown to enhance wellbeing and academic achievement.
  • It is a whole school, teacher-led, student-centred approach which aims to support all members of a school community to succeed and prosper.
  • It is underpinned by Positive Psychology (Seligman & Peterson) and Cognitive Behavioural Theory (Aaron Beck) or evidence based pedagogy based on understanding that how you think affects how you feel, which influences how you behave.

BB Cover P3-4Why teach children wellbeing and resilience skills?

With more pressures being placed on schools and teachers than ever before, Bounce Back! is more relevant than ever before.

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If you are interested in finding out more about Bounce Back! please get in touch with your local consultant.
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Series includes:

  • Bounce Back! P1 - P3
  • Bounce Back! Years P4 & P5
  • Bounce Back! Years P6 - S2

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Customer Review:

"We are all aware that 'student wellbeing' is best defined as a student's level of overall satisfaction with the quality of their life at school. Since its introduction to the Galilee school curriculum, Bounce Back! has provided teachers with many ideas and strategies to assist the students in achieving the above mentioned student satisfaction."

Frank Servello, Principal

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