Tutor Resources for Year 6 English and Maths

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Tutors' Guild can save you valuable time by taking the hard work out of planning for your lessons. These resources really do save a lot of preparation time and require no additional creation of learning materials or assessments. The suite of resources includes:

  • Tutor Delivery Packs – 38 curriculum aligned lesson plans that complement your students' school work and provide clear structure and logical progression to your lessons.
  • Tutor Assessment Packs – everything you need to carry out both formal and informal assessments so that learning can be monitored, reported and rewarded.

The best bit?

The resources come with a downloadable online edition making them perfect for online tutoring and you can use one pack with multiple students as well.


Developed in partnership with Tutorful (formerly Tutora), the packs provide stand-alone lessons that are self-contained and can be used for all students no matter what course material they may be using at school.





GCSE titles are also available

Tutor Delivery and Assessment Packs for Edexcel and AQA GCSE (9-1) English and Mathematics and AQA GCSE (9-1) Sciences are available to buy or pre-order here.    




                            Developed in partnership with    Tutorful 


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Tutors' Guild includes:

Tutor Delivery Pack
Year 6 English

Tutor Assessment Pack
Year 6 English

Tutor Delivery Pack
Year 6 Maths

Tutor Assessment Pack
Year 6 Maths

+ all packs come with downloadable files


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Customer Review:

 "Overall, I would highly recommend this guide for its thoroughness and it's fine detail. Having now used it a couple of times, I realise just how much time it saves. I would most certainly not wish to be without it now. "

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