What's inside?

  • A book comprising 22 curriculum-matched units of comprehension activities.
  • Includes comprehensive teacher-facing mark scheme providing answers and commonly made mistakes.


Pinpoint saves you time and reduces your workload:

  • No more searching for activities one by one - everything you need in one place!

  • All activities are carefully differentiated so they don't need adjusting to suit your class.

  • Linked to the curriculum, easy to fit with your teaching.


How will it help my teaching?

  • Photocopiable books save you time so that you can get on with teaching.
  • One per year at KS2, containing text extracts and accompanying comprehension questions.
  • Targeted practice at 3 levels supports all children to work independently.
  • Activities have been developed with teachers, placing emphasis on independent practice that equips children for the demands of the Reading SATs.
  • Texts include a mix of engaging fiction and non-fiction classic and contemporary poetry.
  • Marking guidance is provided so that you can ensure your children are progressing.


Individual Year price: only £49.99

Years 3-6 pack: only £169


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