What's inside?

  • A book comprising 47 curriculum-matched units of spelling activities.
  • 10 revision units to consolidate learning.
  • Complete answers (in a pupil-friendly format).


Pinpoint save you time and reduces your workload:

  • No more searching for resources online - all the activities you need in one place!
  • All activities are carefully scaffolded to help every child in your class make progress and encourage independent work.
  • Linked to the curriculum so Pinpoint is easy to fit with your teaching.


How will it help my teaching?

  • Pick up and go photocopiable activities for KS2 making it easy for you to get on with teaching.
  • Targeted practice at 3 levels supports all children to work independently.
  • Spelling rules are introduced in a child friendly language, and then tackled through a series of structured tasks which scaffold children’s learning and ensure progress regardless of the starting point.
  • Activities provide comprehensive coverage of the National Curriculum requirements for spelling so you can easily find the activities that complement your teaching.


Year 3-4 price: only £54.99

Year 5-6 price: only £54.99



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