Pinpoint English

A new series of resources that address specific areas of primary English.

Pinpoint resources are fun to use, encourage independent learning, and are easy to pick up and start using in your classroom immediately. Pinpoint English activities are carefully differentiated so they don't need adjusting to suit your class and can help to build towards meeting Age Related Expectations.

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Whole Class Reading

  • Y5-6 teaching guides for a fresh selection of class reading texts chosen for their contemporary themes.
  • 30 flexible lessons per book covering all areas of the English curriculum including writing, comprehension, spoken language and drama, as well as poetry & non-fiction.
  • Cross-curricular activities and vocabulary builders included for each book.


  • Activities provide comprehensive coverage of the National Curriculum requirements for spelling so you can easily find the activities that complement your teaching.
  • Spelling rules are introduced in a child friendly language, and then tackled through a series of structured tasks which scaffold children’s learning, ensuring progress regardless of the starting point.
  • Targeted practice at 3 levels supports all children to work independently.

Grammar and Punctuation

  • Structured and scaffolded activities which cover the core areas of the English National Curriculum in grammar and punctuation.
  • Each unit provides a child-friendly introduction to the concept, before moving on to a series of structured tasks.


  • Marking guidance is provided so that you can ensure your children are progressing.
  • Activities have been developed with teachers, placing emphasis on independent practice that equips children for the demands of the Reading SATs.
  • Texts include a mix of engaging fiction and non-fiction classic and contemporary poetry.

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