Word Problems

What's inside?

  • Photocopy master book of targeted word problem activities for Years 1-6.
  • Free online version included.


Pinpoint saves you time and reduces your workload:

  • No more searching for activities one by one - everything you need in one place!
  • All questions are carefully differentiated so they don't need adjusting to suit your class.
  • Every question is matched to the Programme of Study so you can easily find problems that complement your lessons.


How will it help my teaching?

  • Check children can apply knowledge by solving word problems.
  • Full coverage of the curriculum: find differentiated questions for any objective in the Programme of Study to fit into your lesson.
  • Questions at 3 levels take each child into greater depth.
  • Saves time looking up levelled problems for every topic
  • Print directly onto a sheet of sticker paper to add questions easily into children's books.


Individual Year price: only £44.99

Whole school price: only £225

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