How does School Jam work?

Access your parental engagement service

School Jam is found in ActiveLearn Primary. You can access it from the School Jam tile on the home page after logging in.

You can preview all the activities and maths help videos that parents will see.



Send activities to parents

Activities and videos are automatically sent out once a week, or on dates you choose to match your teaching.


Parents access the activities

Schools are provided with ready-made letters to print and send to parents, each with a unique child code. Parents then download the free app, and link it to the school. They receive short activities to play together with their children, and maths help videos linked to what their child is learning.




See completed activities

You can see which parents and children have engaged with the activities, and view completed digital games. This makes for a great conversational start to your next maths lesson.


Book a 30-day free trial

Why not see hoe School Jam can work in your school? Take a free 30-day free trial today.

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