Meet the School Jam author team!

Barney Maunder-Taylor of House of Maths

080819_SchoolJam_Characters_200x240_Mouse_ParentBarney is a maths entertainer, running maths shows and workshops for pre-school and Primary aged children (and sometimes their parents). He is also a maths tutor up to A-level, runs Maths Jams and is a previous winner of Countdown.

Josh Lury

Josh was a Lead Author for Power Maths, working closely with Tony Staneff. Josh is author of ‘A creative approach to maths calculation’ among others and trains teachers in maths mastery.

Tim Weal

Tim is currently a primary teacher, senior leader and a Power Maths author, writing many of the Power Maths Professional Development video scripts. He is a qualified MaST (Mathematics Specialist Teacher) and authored for the International Mathematics Curriculum. He has also led cross-county mathematics teacher training as well as training for parents.


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