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English Progress for KS3

Make sure all your pupils achieve two levels of progress in Key Stage 3 





English Progress has been written by Geoff Barton and his experienced author team to support you in ensuring all your pupils achieve two levels of progress in Key Stage 3.  


  • Written by Geoff Barton and his experienced author team, who understand the English classroom.
  • Assess your pupils with confidence using the Assessing Pupils' Progress tasks provided throughout to support teacher assessment.
  • Target the essential skills critical to progressing pupils to the next level, accelerating rates of achievement and covering Functional Skills.
  • Written for the Framework, English Progress provides full coverage of Speaking and Listening, Reading, Writing and Language objectives.
  • Motivate your pupils to succeed using engaging BBC Active video clips and interactive resources.

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Series Includes

  • x3 Student Books
  • x3 Teacher Packs
  • x3 ActiveTeach CD-ROMs with BBC Active Clips Packs



Customer Review

   "Very clear objectives with exciting and colourful resources - these are pupil AND teacher friendly!"
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