¡Mira! KS3 (11-14) Spanish - now with ActiveTeach!


ActiveTeach’s innovative, interactive content is the perfect way of keeping the whole class with you during front-of-class activities. Navigate the pages of the on-screen books, zoom in on key activities and with all the audio for the Pupil Books hosted within ActiveTeach, you can do each listening activity at the click of a button!


  • Give your pupils a taste of Spanish-speaking cultures with video for each module and supporting worksheets.


  • Help them learn vocabulary quickly with sets of electronic flashcards for key vocabulary sets.


  • Provide independent learning opportunities with ¡My Mira! - a student resource centre including listening, reading and grammar tests, games and downloadable audio vocab files


Try the ¡Mira! Activeteach demo here to get a flavour of what ActiveTeach can bring to your lessons.


Find out more about the ¡Mira! ActiveTeach products below:


Year 7 starters

¡Mira! 1 ActiveTeach CD-ROM

ISBN 9780435047382


¡Mira! 2 ActiveTeach CD-ROM

ISBN 9780435047405


¡Mira! 3 ActiveTeach CD-ROM

ISBN 9780435395247



Year 8 starters

¡Mira! 1 Express ActiveTeach CD-ROM

ISBN 9780435047399


¡Mira! 2 Express ActiveTeach CD-ROM

ISBN 9780435047412


Alternatively, order a ¡Mira! Evaluation Pack or a ¡Mira! Express Evaluation Pack here.


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