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REVISE Edexcel: Edexcel GCSE ICT Revision Guide

Part of the GCSE ICT for Edexcel series

Publication Date
October 2012

Revision resources for Edexcel GCSE ICT

Designed and tested with students, Edexcel’s revision resources are the smart choice for those revising for Unit 1 of GCSE ICT.

  • The one topic-per-page format provides hassle-free revision for students with no lengthy set-up time and no complex revision concepts
  • Target grades on the page allow students to progress at a speed that is right for them
  • ResultsPlus data delivers insight and guidance on the common exam pitfalls and misconceptions.
  • The Revision Guides are written with students in mind - in an informal voice that talks directly, without patronising.
  • One-to-one page correspondence between the Guide and Workbook ensures they’re easy to use together. 


Contents Listing


Uses of digital devices
Using digital devices
Common featuresInput and output devices
Mobile phones
Mobile phones 2
Personal computers
Personal computers 2
Cameras and camcorders
Cameras and camcorders 2
Media playersMedia players 2
Games consoles
Games consoles 2
Home entertainment systems
Satellite navigation
Satellite navigation 2
Impact on organisations
Home networks
Network security
Combining technologies
Bandwidth and latency
Wi-Fi and mobile broadband
Peer-to-peer networks
Communication protocols
Communication protocols 2
Security risks in a network
Physical security risks
The Internet
Internet use
Internet use 2
Security measures
Personal spaces
Information misuse
Preventing misuse
Online shopping
Online shopping 2
Online auctions
Online education, news and banking
Online gaming and entertainment
How and why organisations operate online
Transactional data
Internet advertising
Internet advertising 2
Internet advertising 3
Payment systems
Payment systems 2
Consumer protection
Applications software
Commercial response to SaaS
Storage: local or online?
Search engines
Online communities – what are they?
Online workspaces and VLEs
Social networks
User-generated reference sites
Social bookmarking sites
Creation of knowledge
Impact on working practices
Socialising and responsible use
A global scale
Security issues
Privacy issues
Monitoring movements and communications
Health and safety
The impact of networks
Legislation relating to the use of ICT
Unequal access to ICT
Safe and responsible practice
Sustainability issues
Command words
Reading the question
Explaining with examples and reasons
Avoiding common mistakes
Extended questions
Question practice
Space for your own notes

Customer Reviews

Sharon Briggs, Head of ICT/Computing
Dene Community School
17 July 2016

Excellent value for money - best revisions guides ever! Covers all topics and gives students indicators on how others have performed previously. Caters for all abilities - brilliant!! Would definitely recommend this as a must have resource

Mr J Lehman, Head of ICT and Computing
Robert Smyth Academy
1 March 2016

This revision guide covers all of the topics needed for the Edexcel ICT exam in a clear and easy to follow manner. Absolutely spot on, and an excellent price as well!

Mr P Bateman, Head of ICT and Computing
Crestwood School
6 May 2015

Amazing value for the price. Breaks up exam revision into small chunks. Fantastic addition is a past paper with answers at the back of the book. No more photocopying and bits of paper lying around the classroom. Very good value for money and worth the investment.

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