Robert Swindells

I grew up in Bradford, the eldest of five children. My only good subjects at school were English, cricket and going home. I was a book junkie: I'd read anything, but I failed the eleven-plus with flying colours and left school at fifteen.
I've been a factory hand, a copyholder, an airman, a shop assistant, a clerk, a bingo checker, a barman, a security guard and a teacher. Writing's the best job in the world.
At Teacher Training College I wrote a children's novel as my Long Study and was advised to show it to a publisher. I did, and to my astonishment it was accepted. I became a teacher and an author in the same year. I taught for eight years, writing in my spare time. I became a full-time writer in 1980. In 1986 I took a Master's Degree in Peace Studies at the University of Bradford.
Besides writing, I enjoy travel, the cinema and painting with watercolours. I dislike cruel and insensitive people, any sort of dancing, and idiots who say so-and-so is eighty-two years young.
There are two things I've learned from my life:

  • No examination can determine what a child will achieve in its life.
  • You need luck as well as determination and hard work if you're going to succeed.

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