KS3 French, German and Spanish - embed key skills ready for the 2016 GCSEs

KS3 Studio, Stimmt! and ¡Viva! are up-to-date courses to support learning in French, German and Spanish. Designed by inspirational teachers for a new generation of language learners, the courses combine content your pupils will enjoy learning, with stretch and challenge for all learners and a range of strategies to aid progression to GCSE and beyond.

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Support for the KS3 National Curriculum

We've complied a simple set of FAQs about the KS3 National Curriculum to explain how it might affect you, as a Modern Languages teacher.


Studio for KS3 French



Watch the video to get an overview of the courses


 Stimmt! for KS3 German

¡Viva! for KS3 Spanish 

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