Edexcel AS and A level Science 2015


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Our brand-new resources are written specifically to help you teach the Edexcel AS and A level Science specifcations for 2015, and to develop successful independent scientists able to progress from GCSE and to further study at higher education and beyond. Our focus is on how to support students to progress in their learning. Our blend of digital and print resources include:

  • Student Books including ActiveBook - to promote independent learning and give your students easy online access to the content.
  • Online Homework, practice and support -  to help students develop and master the core concepts and essential maths skills required for A level Science
  • Teacher Resource Packs - designed to give maximum support for the new courses
  • Revision Guide and Workbooks -for practice and preparation

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Our new Edexcel AS and A level Science resources have been developed by experts to tackle the demands of A level study, and focus on:

  • Developing a deep subject understanding:   Whether in the classroom or working independently, your students will need to understand the bigger picture and recognise connections across topics. We’ve worked with various experts to design approaches that help students to embed their learning of scientific concepts and skills, over two years of study.
  • Removing the barriers to learning: Understanding the core concepts and acquiring key scientific skills are essential to removing barriers to learning. Our resources are designed to help overcome these barriers to develop confident and independent scientists.
  • Synoptic learning and exam preparation: Our Edexcel AS and A level Science resources approach whole course learning, consolidation and revision.
  • See how our resources meet the demands of the new specification

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Series Includes

 Student Books (including ActiveBook)
 Teacher Resource Packs
 Homework, practice and support 
 Revision Guide and Workbooks

 Available for:

 Edexcel AS/A level Biology B
 Edexcel AS/A level Chemistry
 Edexcel AS/A level Physics


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