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Salters-Nuffield AS and A level Biology 2015 (SNAB)

Developing successful, independent biologists for AS, A level and beyond

Tried and trusted for over a decade, our Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology (SNAB) resources help to develop independent and successful biologists with a context-led approach designed to spark scientific interest and enquiry set in real-life contexts.

Our SNAB AS and A level Biology resources:

  • S102-Salters-Nuffield-Guide-Coverare designed to develop ideas and support student understanding across contexts, building on ideas to consolidate and extend learning of the concepts that underpin biology
  • support students in acquiring key scientific skills essential to progress to further study and work as biologists
  • have been developed in collaboration with schools, educational specialists and scientists from universities and industry, with a dedicated team at the University of York Science Education Group.
  • complemented by  SNAB Online, a dedicated website accompanying the Student Book, packed with resources for both students and teachers to support teaching and learning.


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Series includes

2x Salters-Nuffield AS/A level Biology Student Books (including ActiveBook)
1x SNAB Online
1x Salters-Nuffield AS/A level Revision Guide
1x Salters-Nuffield AS/A level Revision Workbook

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