Deleting School Users


When mantaining your school's user accounts, it is sometimes necessary to delete accounts for students or teachers. 

If you are a teacher with full access to student details, you can do this from the Admin area.


Deleting Students

Student accounts can be deleted from the Manage student details admin page. If you delete a student account, they will no longer be part of your school, and any licences allocated to them will be available for other students.

There is a grace period where deleted student accounts can be reinstated by our support team. Contact the Digital Learning and Support team if you need help with recovering a student account.


Deleting students (Overview)

Search for students, filter the results, and select the students which you need to delete.


Delete Students button

Once you have made your selection, the Delete Students button is the next step.


Delete Students confirmation

Be sure to review your selections before confirming that you want to delete your selected students. 



Deleting Teachers

Teachers can be deleted from your school, much like students. The process is very similar, except it is done from the Manage teacher details page. 



If you need a deleted teacher account to be reinstated, please contact our support team.


Did you know?

When a teacher's account is deleted, any associated student groups and homework tasks will remain on ActiveLearn. Other members of school staff can be added to any "abandoned" groups to continue reviewing and assigning tasks to students.

Learn about Student Groups

Learn about Homework Tasks



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