Updating Student Year Information


At the end of each school year, all students in the school move up a year. This needs to be reflected in ActiveLearn. It is also sometimes necessary to change the year for a smaller group or for an individual student.

The Update year section in the Admin area lets you easily update the year assigned to any student registered in your school.

Update Year Full View


Changing the year for selected students

The left-hand column lists all students registered in your school. From this list, students can be sorted by First Name, Last Name, and D.O.B.


Update Year From Selector

You can also filter down to students born between particular dates, or who have already been assigned to a particular year.


Update Year To Selector

Once you have found and selected the students you wish to update, use the right hand column to set the appropriate year which your students should be moved into.


Update Year Controls

The Add and Remove buttons allow you to move students between the left and right columns.

The Move selected users button will save the updated year for any students listed in the right column.



    Changing the year for your whole school

    If you simply need to move all students in your school up a year, this can be done quickly.


    Update Year Auto Highlight

    Appropriately, the button for this action is titled Automatically move all students in the school up a year.


    Update Year Automatically

    The mass-update can either Move all students up one year or Move all students down one year.

    Students which have not had a year assigned will not be affected.



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