Using the Library


The Library is where you will find all of the books, courses, and other resources you or your institution have bought. 

Every time a new ActiveLearn product is purchased by a school, it is automatically added to the Library for all teachers.




The Series Page

The Library organises your purchased resources by series title (e.g. "Studio Edexcel GCSE French"). Clicking/tapping on the relevant icon will take you to the matching series page, which contains all of the products you have available for a given course or subject.

These products are split between four categories:

  • Teacher books & resources
  • Student books
  • Exercises
  • Student resources

Clicking on the tabs moves you between the different products available in the series. The content within each tab depends on what your institution has bought. If a series does not have any resources in a particular category, then that category will be hidden.


Teacher books

This section contains Front of Class, Planning, and Assessment resources. Front-of-class books are interactive ebooks for use by teachers, and include both additional teaching resources and extra features designed for presenting the ebook to a classroom.

Other titles available here, such as Assessment Packs and Teacher Guides, are presented like front-of-class books but are specifically designed to offer collections of downloadable resources.


Learn about Teaching with ActiveBooks


Student books (ActiveBooks)

If your institution has purchased ActiveBooks for student use, or if you have added a book to ActiveLearn by using the scratch off code in the front/back of it, you will see copies of these books in this tab. Student books are similar to Front of Class books, but have different features intended for homework and practice.


Learn about Student ActiveBooks



These are auto-marked, interactive questions that can be set as homework tasks for students or which can be used for self-study. Not every series will contain exercises.

Exercises are exactly the same for students and teachers.


Learn about student exercisesLearn about homework tasks


Student resources

If available for a series, extra student resources such as videos or documents will be listed here.



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Customise the Library

If your school subscribes to several different courses, you may want to change your Library to only show subjects that are useful to you. You may also want check on the status of your different subscriptions. This can be easily done from the Admin area.

Customise your ActiveLearn Library



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