Managing Student and Teacher Details


The Admin area includes two sections for matiaining accounts registered with your school: Manage student details and Manage teacher details.

If you have access to student details, you will be able to use these pages to find details on students or teachers, check their details, add or remove products for individual students, or change passwords.




Manage student details


The Manage student details page allows you find specific student accounts, with options to filter by name, series, group, date of birth, or school year. 



The individual details view allows you to change a student's account information, reset their password, manage their assocaited student groups, and manage their allocated products.


Did you know?

To protect pupil privacy, Pearson will not normally reset student account passwords. If your students do not have memorable information set or do not have an email address associated with their account, you will need to reset their account passwords for them.



Bulk password changes

The Manage student details area can also be used to bulk-change passwords for an entire group of students at once. 


This is inherently less secure than setting individual passwords, but often a useful compromise for helping students to log in before having them individual customise their passwords.

  1. Using the filteres at the top of the page, narrow the list to just those studnts whos passwords you want to change. 
  2. Select some or all of the students in your list.
  3. The Bulk change password button will now let you set a new password. 


Did you know?

The Export selected users button saves a CSV file which you can open as a spreadsheet, containing all the data on the selected students.




Manage teacher details

The Manage teacher details page is similar to the one for managing students, and is useful for password resets or changing other details.

As teacher accounts may have access to many different ActiveLearn features, only some teachers in a school may be allowed to maintain account details for their students and colleagues. This is managed through a teacher's Access type, and is an important distinction.

By default, any teacher who self-registers using an access code has a Restricted access type. This means they can only use the admin area to modify their own account, similar to students.



The Access type link  can be used to to give a teacher the ability to maintain and register user accounts for school students and staff.


Did you know?

It is sometimes necessary to delete user accounts for your school. This can be for a variety reasons, including students leaving or removing duplicated accounts.

Learn about Deleting School Users




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