Teaching with ActiveBooks


ActiveBooks are eBooks based on Student Books, Teacher Guides, Revision Guides or other Pearson Education titles. They are mainly available in two varieties: Front-of-Class Books, and Student Books.

This article focuses on using the Front-of-Class variety. For the student equivalent, see the following guides:


Front-of-Class ActiveBooks

ActiveBooks for front-of-class teaching are designed to cover what the students see in their corresponding textbooks (or ActiveBooks), while adding in hotspots for relevant teaching resources and zoom areas to aid in presenting the books in high detail.


Front of Class books are found in the Teacher books tab of the course series page in the Library.


FOC Book Full Page

 What can you do with Front of Class books (besides reading them)?


FOC Book Hotspots

Hotspot icons connect to homework exercises, videos, animations, audio clips, downloadable files, and more.


FOC Book Task Link

Some Front of Class books include links to quickly create subject-related homework tasks for your students.


FOC Book Tools

Front of Class books are presented with a toolbar, letting you quickly share a link to the current page, annotate the book, add a resource or page to your active playlist, and jump to a specific page or section.


Did you know?

Hotspot resources and zoom areas also provide a specialised toolbar, which includes the Share with student device button. This feature creates a special link to whatever resource or activity you have open, allowing you to quickly share resources with your students in class.



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